Types of Trees We Service

The photo shows the types of tree we service in Camarillo, CA.

There are many tree species in Camarillo, and not all arborists have experience handling these tree species. That not the case with us at Camarillo Green Tree Service Co.. Here we have arborists with years of experience, and they can service almost any tree species. They know what every tree species need and how they can help you keep your trees healthy. You can count on them to give your trees the best care while at the same time ensuring your safety.

A call at (805) 394-3939 is all you need to have our arborists take care of your trees. Here at Camarillo Green Tree Service Co., we handle your call with urgency, and we attend to you in the shortest time possible. Reach out to us anytime you need an arborist who has the experience to service a wide range of tree species. You will be satisfied with what our arborists have to offer.

Our aim at Camarillo Green Tree Service Co. is to give you satisfactory tree services that will fit your budget. Our pocket-friendly services are also professional, and you will love what our arborists can do. We know the care your tree species need, and our arborists have the skills and experience to care for your trees. Call us up at (805) 394-3939 if you need an arborist for any of these trees.

Types of Trees in Camarillo, CA


Birch trees require an experienced arborist. Carrying out any services on these trees without experience will affect your trees. Call our expert arborists if you need any service for your birch trees in Camarillo.


These are common trees in Camarillo that are known to make homes look appealing throughout the year. Oak trees are some of the trees that need proper care and maintenance. Our arborists have years of experience in helping homeowners care for their oak trees. Reach out to us if you need any tree service for your oak trees.

Evergreen Trees

Most property and homeowners in Camarillo use evergreen trees for privacy purposes. They, too, just like any other trees, need care. You can count on us to care for your evergreen trees in Camarillo. You only need to reach out to us, and we will do the rest.


You can call us at (805) 394-3939 if you need tree services for your maple trees in Camarillo. From pruning, disease control, tree removal to bracing and cabling, trust us to do it perfectly. Reach out to us at Camarillo Green Tree Service Co. for affordable and professional maple tree services.


When compared to other tree species, willow trees don’t need much care. However, if left unattended, they won’t live long. Call us to prune or cable them to ensure they are in perfect condition. We have the experience you need, and we will make sure your trees are healthy.


Spruce trees require a wide range of tree services from when they are young until they are fully grown. At Camarillo Green Tree Service Co., we can prune, cut, and even cable or brace your spruce trees at a pocket-friendly price when you hire us.


Palm trees are common in homes in Camarillo because of their beauty. You will need an arborist to keep these trees healthy if they are to make your home appealing. We have just the arborist with experience in handling palm trees. Call us at (805) 394-3939, and we will send the arborist over to get started on your palm trees.


You can only improve your apple tree’s fruit production by ensuring it is healthy. Our tree services are designed to keep your apple tree healthy and help increase productivity. Reach out to us at Camarillo Green Tree Services Co. if you want to keep your apple tree healthy and get more healthy fruits.


If you want your redwood trees taken good care of, give us a call at (805) 394-3939. At Camarillo Green Tree Service Co., we have been offering tree services to Camarillo homeowners with redwood trees for years now. Our services have been satisfactory, and you should also call us if you want an experienced arborist for your trees.


We also service walnut trees in Camarillo at a pocket-friendly price. Getting in touch with us is all you need to do if you need our walnut tree services.


Lemon trees are planted for several reasons in Camarillo. Whether your lemon trees are for aesthetic or fruit production, we have the skills and experience to take care of them. Call us at (805) 394-3939 for lemon tree services.

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