Camarillo Tree Removal

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For safe, efficient tree removal at an affordable price, call Camarillo Green Tree Service Co.. With full respect for your property and a strong work ethic, we take down unwanted trees that are irretrievably ill or already dead. It can even remove the stump so you’ll be able to plant another tree in its place. In fact, in Southern California, it’s recommended that property owners plant two trees for everyone that gets taken down, which we’re glad to assist with. We’ll help you choose the right species and provide tips for proper care.

To know more about Camarillo tree removal and other tree services such as tree pruning, stump removal, and stump grinding, call us at (805) 394-3939 for free estimates.

Why has the Tree Removed?

Trees infected with a virus can end up passing their ailment along to other specimens. This is not to say plant viruses are untreatable and that you should give up immediately on a sick tree. But if the virus has been left untreated for a long period of time, it may indeed be too late to do anything but engage in tree removal. Plant viruses can spread via root encroachment, migrating pests, or sap contact. Highly aggressive pathogens such as Sudden Oak Death, which is a water mold, often leave us with no choice but to remove the tree it infects. It is never a pleasant decision, and to compensate. We almost always encourage the planting of new trees.

Sometimes trees are planted in the wrong place. This may take years or even decades to realize. A common problem we’ve seen is when a tree’s canopy gets so large the grass beneath it does not get enough sunlight to grow. Along with this, an older, larger tree’s roots can sometimes cause sprawl so far from the trunk that they begin to threaten building foundations, streets, and sidewalks. Sadly, these problems can constitute another reason for tree removal.

And sometimes storms or accidents damage a tree beyond repair. California’s Santa Ana winds are notorious for inflicting fatal harm upon our trees.

No matter what the cause, safe removal of damaged, dead, or misplaced trees is best left to a professional crew like the one you’ll find at Camarillo Green Tree Service Co..

How is a Tree Removed?

Conduction of this process largely depends on where the tree is and how big it is. For most specimens, we start at the top, removing boughs one at a time until the trunk is bare, then laying the trunk itself low. This is a safe method in taking a tree down, as it is done in short, manageable stages, rather than having one us chop the trunk and yelling “timber!” just as the tree falls. BUT…

If indeed there is enough space around the tree, we may just cut it down in one fell swoop and divide the specimen once it’s on the ground.

At any rate, once your tree is laid low, we clean things up and get your property looking neat as a pin. Not only that, but you’ll likely have some wood to use when the job is done—if that is, you choose not to have us recycle it for you.

Hire Camarillo Green Tree Service Co.

Camarillo Green Tree Service Co. does tree removal the right way, keeping you and your family safe, your property protected, and your appreciation for all things green strong. Contact us today for more information at (805) 394-3939 for free estimates.

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