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Effective tree stump grinding is never difficult to find—not when you call on the professionals at Camarillo Green Tree Service Co.. We arrive at the job site with the tools and the talent for grinding away stumps that are potential safety hazards for your property. Our experienced experts tackle each task using a methodical, systematic process that eliminates delays and confusion.

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About Stump Grinding in Camarillo, CA

Stump grinding isn’t typically looked upon as a self-reliant project. Untrained, one can find the needed machinery cumbersome and unwieldy to use. This makes things especially dangerous. And while some tool rental facilities will loan them out, it’s best to let professionals like us handle the work. And handle it we do, with equipment such as:

  • Portable grinders
  • Trailer-hitch grinders
  • Riding grinders
  • Skid stump grinders

The grinders vary in size depending on how big the job is. Another issue to be considered is the hardness of the stump. If it’s old and rotting, we might employ a simple handlebar grinder to take care of it. Higher stumps, however, would likely be out of a handlebar grinder’s range and would require something larger, such as a track stump grinder. These are but a few of the things we take into consideration for every client who contacts us.

Safe Methods for Stump Grinding

Stump grinders can be dangerous not only for their users but for people and objects around them. That’s why at Camarillo Green Tree Service Co., we always take the necessary precautions for keeping things safe around the job site.

For example, many stump grinders can throw chips. If the stump happens to be near buildings or cars, this can present a hazard. With our team on the job, your property won’t get damaged, and we’re always certain to keep bystanders out of harm’s way. Eye protection is always a must, and proper operation of the stump grinder—no matter what its size—is taught to everyone on our team.

When It’s Time for Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is often preferred over stump removal. It is less labor-intensive, less costly, and takes less time to accomplish. The downside is that only the stump is dealt with. The roots beneath it are left in place and can take up to five years to decay to a point where a new tree can be planted. Fully removing a tree stump does indeed take more time and is more expensive, but with that removal go the roots as well, leaving the ground immediately ready for further planting.

If you’re not certain whether to go with stump grinding or stump removal, we can help. A brief evaluation of the property in question is normally all it takes to formulate the best course of action.

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Camarillo Green Tree Service Co. is your best resource for safe, efficient tree stump grinding, along with many other types of tree service. Find out what we can do for you today by calling (805) 394-3939 for free estimates.

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