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At Camarillo Green Tree Service Co., we are a tree service company committed to giving you quality tree services. We offer both commercial and residential tree services at an affordable price. Our team of Camarillo arborists is ready to service your trees once you reach out to us. You can call us at (805) 394-3939 if you need tree services that will satisfy you.

When you ask around Camarillo for quality tree service, any homeowner we have worked with will recommend us. Our track record in Camarillo, California is admirable. We have dedicated ourselves to giving our clients services that transform their homes and raise property value. If your home isn’t aesthetically appealing, give us a call today. We will service your trees and plant others to give your home a new look.

Always let professionals like us handle your tree services. Most tree services are not for amateurs; they need professionals who have enough skills. You don’t have to hassle finding such professionals in Camarillo, California. A call on (805) 394-3939 is all you need to get in touch with our professional arborists. At Camarillo Green Tree Service Co., we are here to save you the hassle.

Our Tree Services

You can give us a call any time you need quality tree services in Camarillo. A phone call is the easiest way to reach us and get our arborists to service your trees. Once you reach out to us, we will give you a free quote and send our team to work on your trees. Dial (805) 394-3939 if you need any of these tree services in Camarillo, CA.

Emergency Tree Services

Our Camarillo arborists respond to your calls with speed. We know how emergency tree services are important when it comes to your safety. And we always have our arborists ready to come over and take care of the situation once you give us a call. We are a reliable and trustworthy tree company in Camarillo. Just call us up, and we will help.

Stump Grinding

You can also get in touch with us if you need your stumps ground. We work with modern and efficient grinders, and we will have the job done within a short time. Give us a call on (805) 394-3939, and we will grind your stumps to give your home a better look and ensure that you are safe.

Tree Cutting

Our professional Camarillo tree cutting services come with many benefits. The service is also affordable, so you don’t need to worry about your budget. Call us and get a free quote that will help you plan properly.

Tree Planting

If you want healthy trees that will grow fast, call us up for tree planting. We will professionally plant your trees at an affordable price. You only need to reach out to us at Camarillo Green Tree Service Co. for this service.

Tree Pruning

Contact us if you need tree pruning services in Camarillo, CA. Our arborists are experts in this service, and you can expect them to give you the best results. Talk to us today for safe and professional tree pruning services.

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