Camarillo Emergency Tree Services

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At Camarillo Green Tree Service Co., we are a reliable, swift, and trustworthy tree company in Camarillo. You need a tree company for urgent tree services. During storms, weak trees and dead branches are likely to fall. When this happens, you need experts who can respond to your call and be there within the shortest time possible. Here, we know how emergency tree services are important, and we will be there on time.

(805) 394-3939 is the number to call if you are looking for a reliable tree company service in Camarillo. You can count on us to be there on time when a tree or branch falls on your structures. Our arborists take the shortest time possible, and they will be there to make sure there is no further damage. We professionally handle everything to ensure you are safe. Get in touch with our team for emergency tree services in Camarillo.

Our Camarillo team consists of expert arborists who have years of experience in a wide range of tree services. We are a tree company you can trust since we have a good track record in Camarillo. You can always count on us to ensure your safety. This is because your safety is our top priority.

Dial (805) 394-3939 today and get the tree services that will ensure your safety.

About Camarillo Tree Emergencies Services

Services like stump grinding and bush trimming are services that can wait or be performed without urgency. However, when a tree falls on your structure or blocks your way out of the house, it must be handled with urgency. Our expert arborists know how fast you need the tree or branch removed and will put everything aside to respond to your call. 

 You should reach out to our arborists because they will prioritize your situation and help. They have the experience and will ensure you are safe. A call at (805) 394-3939 is all you need to talk to our Camarillo arborists. These are some of the tree emergencies you can call us in for.

Emergency Tree Removal

You will need emergency tree removal services if a storm has felled a tree in your home. We consider this an emergency service because the tree can injure people on your property. If only part of the tree broke, our arborist may not suggest tree removal. This is because trees have the ability to recover.

However, if the tree won’t recover, removal is the only option. If the tree is to be removed, our arborist will get to work and remove it within a short time. We are experts in emergency tree removal, and you can trust us to do it perfectly.

What Calls For Tree Emergency Removal?

A number of situations call for emergency tree removal in Camarillo. Call us for emergency tree services in case of the following.

Trees Close to Power Lines

If a tree was planted close to power lines, it needs to be removed if it has overhanging or dead branches. You will need to have such a tree removed as soon as possible. This is because if the tree or branches fall on power lines can cause property damage or injure people.

Decaying Roots

Roots have to be strong and healthy to properly hold the tree in the soil. Decaying roots can’t hold the tree firmly, and the tree can be felled by a storm causing property damage. A tree with decaying roots has to be removed as soon as possible to ensure your safety.


Trees leaning towards property in your home need to be removed. Leaning trees can be easily felled by storms since they are not firmly rooted in the ground. 

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