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At Camarillo Green Tree Service Co., we pride ourselves on offering professional tree services in Camarillo.  Our arborists are responsible for the healthy and strong trees in Camarillo homes and properties. Our track record speaks for us when it comes to tree services. Your Camarillo trees deserve tree experts like us. Reach out to us if you are in need of satisfactory tree services, and we won’t let you down.

Any trees that have been serviced by our arborists will grow healthy and fast. This is because we are experienced in tree services, and we give your trees the best care. Our team consists of arborists who have years of experience in servicing trees. You can expect the best results when our team services your Camarillo trees. Call us at (805) 394-3939 if your trees need professional help.

Hiring us is a step towards ensuring your own safety. Our arborists will assess all your trees and eliminate any safety risk. If you don’t have the skills, you won’t notice the risks posed by your trees until it’s late. Our professionals will prevent property damage and guarantee your safety when you hire them.

Working With Us at Camarillo Green Tree Service Co.

We are the tree company to hire if you know the value of trees on your property. Our arborists understand how important trees are. They take care of your trees with professionalism to ensure you benefit from your trees. Here is why we have a reputable track record in Camarillo and why you should hire us.

Budget-friendly Services

One of the reasons why Camarillo homeowners prefer us over other tree service companies is our affordable services. We want to ensure all Camarillo residents get a chance to enjoy our satisfactory services. By making our services affordable, you are able to enjoy the services even if you are on a tight budget. Just give us a call on (805) 394-3939 and request any tree service you want.


Most tree services require experienced arborists. At Camarillo Green Tree Service Co., we have enough experience to handle technical tree services. Call us up for services like tree cutting, pruning, cabling, and bracing, and we will put our experience to work and help you.

Attempting these services on your own can cause property damage. It is important to always call in an expert for such tree services. Dial (805) 394-3939 today if the experience is what you are looking for when it comes to tree services.

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